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Being fit and looking great has never been more popular! What better time than the New Year to dust off the trainers and hit the local Body Pump or Crossfit Class / or simply pound the streets with a revitalising morning run?

Runners beware, however, as emerging research has suggested that high-impact exercise is closely linked with incidence of urinary leakage (Almousa et al, 2015). High-impact exercise is increasing in popularity amongst women in the United Kingdom (Sport England, 2015) – which is fantastic for your general fitness and well being, however a study of 230 athletes aged 19-40 found that 58% had Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) (Da Roza et al, 2011). Runners carried the highest prevalence of SUI. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recognizes the significance of pelvic floor strength in urinary incontinence. NICE cite pelvic floor muscle training as the ‘first-line treatment’ for women with SUI (NICE, 2015). Empirical evidence has linked the strength of the pelvic floor to urinary incontinence symptoms (Dumoulin et al, 2014). The physiology of high impact stress incontinence is complex, and while the future may hold more targeted treatments, the majority of women experience symptom relief through pelvic floor strengthening. It is therefore justifiable to assume that the cause of SUI in high-impact athletes is at least in part their pelvic floor.

The best way to prevent and treat a weak pelvic floor is with daily targeted pelvic floor exercise, and there’s a whole host of products that can assist you. The important point is correct technique and then persistence. It will take a few weeks, sometimes months to achieve a leak free pelvic floor!

A new device soon to be launched in the UK is called Vibrance, distributed by iMEDicare Ltd via Vibrance is a vibration feedback kegel educator device, that vibrates when you contract your pelvic floor muscles correctly. A beeping system tells you when to contract and for how long – and the gentle vibration means you are spot on with technique, so you can see results faster, with just one or two simple 5 minute routines per day. Resistance sleeves add difficulty and keep you motivated to achieve a leak free lifestyle – sooner rather than later!

Call 01923237795 or visit for more information.

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