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We all know the feeling; it’s been a busy day at work, the commute to get home took forever, and you’ve now got to think about making something for dinner. The last thing you want to have to do is try and fit a workout in as well.

If you’re pushed for time in the evening, Nelsons® arnicare® arnica cooling gel has teamed up with YouTube fitness expert, Lucy Wyndham-Read to put together the below moves that can be done anytime, anywhere using a pair of 0.5kg hand weights. They may be small but can still pack a power punch, and are ideal for improving endurance and toning without bulk.

Tip 1: Walk It

A set of 0.5kg weights are the perfect addition to a power walk. Why not try this on your lunch break – head outside and walk at a slightly faster pace than normal. Hold a weight in each of your hands and swing your arms as you usually would. You’ll be toning the area infamously known as the ‘bingo wings’, and the added weight will also help to burn off more calories.

Tip 2: Double the Tone

Stand in a split stance with feet facing forward, and a weight in each hand. Simply punch your arms back and forth making sure your hips remain forward without twisting. Aim to do 50 reps and you will feel this in both your stomach and arm muscles. The good thing about the light weights means you’ll have the benefits of a great workout with straining.

Tip 3: Build a Booty

Adding weights to this already established move can really help to sculpt that booty. On all fours, lift one leg off the floor, keeping it bent at the knee. Place one of the weights in the crease on the back of your knee and hold in place by keeping your leg bent. Now do tiny pulses, squeezing through the bottom, aiming to do 50 reps on each leg.

Tip 4: Wonder Waist

To get a lovely trim waist, hold a weight in each hand and stand in a split stance with your feet hip width apart. Make sure your knees are softly bent, then extend your arms directly out in front of you. In a slow controlled manner take both arms around to one side and focus on keeping your hips still. Hold for a second then take your arms around to the opposite side for 50 reps. You will instantly feel this working your waist.

Tip 5: The Seated Office Sprint

This exercise is an ideal solution for taking some time away from impending deadlines and demanding emails. Sit back from your desk with upright posture and feet flat on the floor. Holding the weights in each hand, mimic the arm movements you would do while running. At the same time, keep your stomach muscles pulled in so you get double the tone in both your abs and your arms. Aim to do this for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Before you leave for work in the morning try the invisible skipping rope move. Instead of using an actual rope, hold a weight in each hand and spin your arms while jumping simultaneously, as though you were skipping. The weights will add to your overall calorie burn, and if you do this move for 2 minutes you’ll lose approximately 30 calories.

If all those weight exercises leave your arms feeling hot and tired, specially formulated Nelsons arnicare arnica cooling gel is ideal for massaging into overworked muscles to revitalise them. It is non-greasy and non sticky combining the natural benefits of arnica with the refreshing sensation of grapefruit oil and menthol to cool and soothe the skin.

Nelsons® arnicare® arnica cooling gel is priced at £5.40 for 30g and is available from Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Boots and Amazon.

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