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Avocado - blogger fodder at its best

There was a time, not so long ago, when avocados were known for little more than making prawns in Marie Rose sauce look good. Fast forward to the present day, and they’re the veritable celebrities of the fruit and veg aisle. Propelled into the spotlight via an ever-growing platform of food bloggers who just can’t get enough of their green goodness, so it seems. So what is it about the avocado that has made it such good blogger fodder? Versatility The avocado is as multi-faceted as it’s possible for a fruit to be. From smoothies to salads, dips to desserts... there’s nothing these little powerhouses can’t make smooth, thick, delicious and nutritious. From sweet to savoury, the texture and flavour of the avocado complements a wide range of recipes, including treats and everyday eats that you wouldn’t even necessarily know were bolstered with a hearty dose of superfood goodness. Stealth health at its very best! Colour Green is typically symbolic of all things healthy, so it makes sense that the avocado has become a ubiquitous feature of recipes and slogans with a wellbeing goal. Health benefits Avocados are rich in ‘good’ fats and vitamin E, which means they lend particularly well to many health and beauty boosting recipes. Avo’ style The trendiness of avocado has made it a brand in its own right, and the face of a wide range of merchandise, from t-shirts to stationery. For the health conscious avocado fans, this is the emoji that says it all, and the statement ingredient that is leading the way in the long overdue movement towards not-so-guilty pleasures. Chocolate avocado pudding anyone?

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