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8 Symptoms Men Should Take Notice Of!

Men need to change their mindset in regards to their health and wellbeing, as they tend to take a much more laid back approach in terms of their health in comparison to women. Many men wrongly assume “everything will be ok” or rely on loved ones to convince them to get checked out. With most illnesses it is much better to spot the symptoms early, here various experts have come together to reveal the eight symptoms you should take notice of as a male, since they may provide indication of a undiagnosed medical condition.

A Change in Weight

Weight fluctuations are common in everyone, but when should you worry? Well, if you have experienced a sudden change in weight that cannot be attributed to less exercise, eating more or any other reason, then you may need to book an appointment to be checked out. This is important to do because unexplained weight loss can be an indication of cancer, thyroid issues, diabetes, depression or a digestive disease.

Angry Outbursts

There are a plethora of signs that could suggest you are suffering from anger management issues such as losing your cool for an unwarranted reason or excessive sarcasm or, in extreme cases, violence. A recent survey completed by Brookman Solicitorsrevealed anger management, such as a short temper, was one of the top worst habits that respondent’s found their partners have. Angry outbursts are quite a common issue in relationships but if you feel unable to manage your anger this may signal you are suffering from a mental health illness, for example anxiety, paranoia, eating disorder, stress, insomnia and depression.


Do you feel constantly exhausted? If so, you may be suffering from fatigue. You will be likely to experience such tiredness if you have been recently working longer hours, experienced a bereavement, are under increased stress or are going to bed later. However, if you cannot attribute your tiredness to such a cause and feel your fatigue has lasted for quite some time this may be an indication of an underlying medical issue that may need medication or therapy to solve. Fatigue can be a symptom of sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, anaemia or an underactive thyroid; subsequently if you feel this applies to you need to take notice and seek a medical opinion in order for the situation to improve.

Sore Gums

Failing to complete adequate dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth twice a day, can result in sore gums. If your gums are irritated or often bleed it may be time to take notice and address where you are going wrong in your dental hygiene routine. Sore gums can indicate you may be suffering from gum disease; if your gums start to become painful then book a dental check up, as the dentist will be able to check the health of your gums and establish if you have any harmful bacteria that may be causing your painful gums.


Migraines are a severe type of headache where you experience concentrated pain in one side of your head - this can be alongside sensitivity to light, feeling of nausea and even flashing lights. According to the NHS migraines affect more females than males but yet one in every fifteen men suffer with migraines, thus migraines should not be ignored and are actually very common. However, if your migraines persist and become more frequent, you may need to book an appointment with your doctor to receive treatment. In extreme cases an increase in migraines could indicate meningitis or a stroke, but in most instances a migraine is caused by a lack of sleep, too much time on technology, stress or an severe eye strain, to name just a few.

Split Personality

Two personalities displayed through frequent changes in your mood can often signal a mental health illness such as depression. If one minute you feel incredibly happy and the next extremely down for no apparent reason, you may be experiencing a mental health issue. Karen Meager and John McLachlan, founders of Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy, argue that a healthy working environment is fundamental and believe that employees’ welfare has a big impact on any business’s success. As a result they have identified the top symptoms of depression every employer should look out for; these include sudden mood swings, an increase in absences, a significant decrease in productivity, open displays of emotion at work such as tears or shouting, fatigue and general confusion. If you believe these symptoms may apply to you a key step would be to seek the right help, such as visiting a counsellor or your local medical practice.

A Change in a Mole

With skin cancer on the increase it is important to check your moles regularly for any changes. In general moles are harmless, but if you notice any of the following changes it is important to get the mole checked over by a doctor. Changes to look out for include: a change in the size and shape of your mole, a change in your mole’s colouring, redness or swelling, tenderness and if your mole becomes itchy. Finding a change in a mole early will increase the likelihood of successful treatment. Early detection is key in most illnesses, in addition you can also take many precautionary steps to prevent becoming a victim of skin cancer such as applying sun cream and staying in shaded areas during the hottest point of the day.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

It is important to not be afraid of the doctors and seek attention if you feel something is up to prevent any issue escalating. If you have visited the doctor and have felt they have wrongly dismissed you and your symptoms are still persisting, it is recommended to seek a second opinion.

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