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Interview with: Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk is a trainer, author and health blogger at

What first inspired you to start blogging? Describe your career/lifestyle beforehand? I was studying at the university of sheffield, a degree in speech science, and started enjoying fitness as a hobby on the side. i soon found a whole host of inspiring fitness accounts on instagram and decided I wanted to create my own.... the rest is history! What is the premis behind your blog and how does it differ from other popular health blogs/vlogs? My blog focuses on female fitness, empowerment, nourishing food, active travel and conscious living. It is hard to say what sets myself apart from others, but I believe that the fact I have an authentic message unique to me, is what helps. What is your current following? I have 207,000 instagram followers, 45,000 youtube subscribers, and 21,600 on my twitter. My audience are around 85% female, average age 25-34. How do you work running the blog alongside your other commitments? In a very structured, organised manner. I have so much to do that I often feel like there arent enough hours in the day, so I timetable my life to the minute! I still get overwhelmed, but I always get everything done. What do you enjoy most about what you do? Are there any perks/downsides? I enjoy the ability to connect with like minded people across the world and share my passion for fitness, food, lifestyle and conscious living with others. I feel like I have a huge network of friends in every corner of the planet and its incredible. The main downside is that I never really switch off, I am always working and this can negatively impact my work-life balance! What would be your one piece of advice to any budding health and fitness bloggers? Do it because you have a message you want to share, one you truly believe in. People will support you when you're authentic to yourself, and you will motivate yourself when you're doing something you're passionate about.

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