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A picture of health...

Little do we often realise when we’re having a photo taken, that that image might go on to become a benchmark for our future selves’ fitness and body image ambitions. Holiday pictures, wedding photos and random snap shots all have the potential to capture us at our best... and our worst. Months or years down the line, these may be the images we pin to our fridge door or keep in our wallets in an effort to influence our behaviours either in favour of - or against - a past precedent.

From this regard, photography could be said to have a positive impact on our health, fitness and wellbeing, more so than any other medium. It’s an association coined also partly by the photo sharing trend, since the power of the ‘like’ has proved unequivocal in spurring the masses in all manner of health endeavours... from cooking to running! Obviously there is a negative side to photo sharing which is far from healthy, but for the most part, photography has proved to be an important motivational tool as we all look to live healthier lives. And it’s not just our own photos that are driving this healthy living movement. Photos of others (celebrities, friends, even family members) have long been used for goal setting, particularly In terms of physical ideals and achievements. Whether it’s a photo of a super fit Dad, an award winning athlete sibling or a physically ‘perfect’ celebrity.. the motivational impact can’t be underestimated. . . Finally, separate to the inspirational and motivational element of photography, is its valuable role in personal health checks. Photos not only offer a vital ‘before’ insight into possible red flag symptoms such as mole changes; They have also been shown to be pivotal in the early detection of some eye cancers when a particular form of ‘red eye’ is picked up by the camera.

📷 photo inspiration ‘This photo is taken in LA and it’s of me with my sister after she’d won her second gold medal at the Special Olympics (for people with learning disabilities). It inspires me to be fit and healthy because it reminds me to focus on what our bodies and minds can do rather than our difficulties & limitations’

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