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The Organic Rotation Diet

The benefits of eating organic are many and varied, and in the last decade this is a message has started to become more widely understood. The more we become engaged with food, the environment and our health, the more we generally conclude that GM, chemical and pesticide free is probably worth the extra money it costs. 

But is wholly organic always financially viable... or realistic? Do we need to find a way to harness the advantages of food produced as it should be, whilst allowing us to keep within a sensible shopping budget? One potential answer is this ➡️➡️ The Organic Rotation Diet. Based on the principle of buying wholly organic from one food group only, for one week at a time, and on a rotary basis, the unique approach helps towards a cumulative ‘low tox’ lifestyle. One that is mindful, yet also manageable long term. As we know, it’s the small, everyday behaviours that have the biggest impact on health, so the idea has the makings of a winning formula for health and wellbeing. The food groups to rotate organic emphasis on are: 🥛Dairy  🍗Meat and poultry  🍞Bread  🥕Vegetables  🍍 Fruit Buy wholly organic from each food group for one week, then switch to the next. Give it a go... and let us know how you get on.

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