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A day in the life of... Emily Wright

Emily Wright is a nutritional cook who specialises in healthy family recipes.

Being a full-time mum and nutritional cook means that there is no such thing as a typical day. I offer customised cooking courses and meal planning advice for clients based on a variety of health concerns; which means my days are either in the kitchen recipe testing, taking food photos, seeing clients, writing up recipes for my website, or hosting cooking courses. I love the variety as it means I am never bored!

Mornings are a total scramble to get the kids to school on time having had time for a nourishing breakfast. This can range from high-protein pumpkin waffles, to high-fibre berry and flax pancakes, to no-added-sugar carrot and apple oat muffins.

Once I get back from the school-run, I take a good pro-biotic and make my beloved cappuccino. I tend to have a late breakfast around 10.30am which is either poached eggs on rye, some high-protein seedy rice pudding, or else I always have a huge batch of homemade low-sugar buckwheat granola for when I am in a rush.

I work out 2-3 times per week, which consists of either boxing or yoga, which I try to make that a non-negotiable part of my week.

I have a short window of opportunity to see clients and get all my work done before having to pick the kids up from school again but I do I love going to my local greengrocers to get inspiration for my recipes.

Lunch is around 1.30pm, which mostly consists of whatever I have been recipe testing that day, whether it be soups, salads or stews. Then it’s back to the school run, afterschool activities, kids dinner and putting them to bed. After that, I soak in an Epsom Salt bath, as it is great to relieve aching muscles.

Then it’s back to the kitchen to make dinner for my husband and me. Our diet is incredibly varied, but we eat a lot of fish with whole grains and vegetables; vegetarian meals, or meat a couple of times a week. We then flop on to the sofa to watch an hour of television and I try to get to bed by 11pm so that I can get a full 8 hours of sleep.

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