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Scalp Micropigmentation - a positive solution to male hair loss

Hair loss can have a devastating effect, especially when it happens prematurely. With so many things linked to causing premature hair loss, including an unhealthy diet, wearing hats and even protein shakes, it can be confusing to know how to combat it. While there is still no official cure on the market for male pattern baldness, there is a solution.

If you haven’t heard of scalp micropigmentation treatment yet, we're not surprised. It’s a well-kept secret known to those researching hair replacement treatments or those who have already had it done. Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMPuses a micro tattooing technique to restore hair on receding, partially bald or fully bald heads. Once complete, It gives the appearance of a full, youthful and freshly cropped haircut. The results are exceptionally realistic and most importantly guaranteed.

The benefits of SMP over other hair loss treatments are many, such as it is non-surgical meaning there are no side effects or downtime. Another benefit is the results can be seen instantly after just 1 session, although usually 3 sessions are required for the most natural result.

Tony hid his hair loss for years by constantly wearing hats. At formal events, he would comb his hair forward to look thicker or use hair concealer fibres. In the end, his lack of confidence and low self-esteem caused him to do something more permanent about it.

After 3 treatment appointments at Skalp® SMP clinic in London, Tony looks like a new man. Scalp micropigmentation is the ultimate hair replacement solution for all types of hair loss and can have life-changing positive effects.

To find out more about SMP treatment, arrange a free, no-obligation consultation at a Skalp® clinic .

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