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A day in the life of... Camilla Dempster

Camilla Dempster is a Wellness Coach and blogger writing on wellness, mindset and courage.

My day typically starts with a wet nose in the face at around 530am. I think it’s because my husband and I have chosen a Lumie light for our alarm and it gives a gradual sunrise until the actual alarm goes off at 6am. The pooch (Dexter) obviously doesn’t need the alarm and wakes at the first moment of sunrise. But that’s so he can have half an hour of snuggles on the bed. Once I actually get up (after a snooze) first order is a cup of fresh ginger tea alongside my supplements. Then Sexy Sexy begins his dance. I chop up cheese to put in his training pouch as obviously in the outside world nothing less than cheese can illicit his training. We go out for our walk to Blaise Castle which is a gorgeous green space 5 minutes from home. We walk for about an hour and thankfully that just about tires out our Doberman/Husky cross. After we get home, and I towel him down, I’ll make a cup of red bush tea and check my schedule for the day. I really find power in the 4 quadrant to do lists from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. What this enables me to see is what things urgently need to be done, things that are for my passion projects and things that I can delegate away. It really makes such a brilliant start to my day. This is when the work begins - depending on the day I’ll have a couple of sessions of in-person personal training at people’s houses. I’ll also be doing my online personal training check ins with clients over Skype. Or I’ll go to a coffee shop to get some of the ‘big rocks’ of the urgent work done. As a newly established entrepreneur I have really found that it’s important for me to leave the house first thing to feel as if I’m ‘going to work’. So whether I’m meeting people to assist with their wellness or focusing on my admin tasks being out of the house brings much more energy and vitality to what I create. Around lunchtime I’ll go home, check on pooch obviously, grab a bhudda bowl type lunch or soup. Each week I make a concerted effort to pre-prepare a ton of varied salads, soups and protein choices so that when I’m hungry I don’t need to think of what to cook. It really helps me to not stop at the shop on the way home and make non-beneficial decisions towards my own health. I think it’s really easy as a trainer or business person to neglect ones own health. The afternoon is made up of the fun big rocks of the projects that I’m working on from my home office. I’m creating We.retreat alongside Zoe Woodward which is a wellness retreat designed to everyBODY. To facilitate letting go of limiting habits and up-levelling. I will also spend time on my events - such as Moderation Mindset Brunch or HBCxBristol. The first of which are events for women to come together over brunch and ditch the diet cycle. The later is health blogger networking and education events. The final part of what I’m creating is Transformation Tribe which is an 8 week self study course designed also to facilitate ditching the restrict, binge, guilt cycle. You can find more abut all of my projects and events at <> There days a week at around 330pm I’ll hit the gym and do a strength based workout and if I have time do a 30 minute sauna. The lengthy sauna facilitate mitochondrial regeneration to boost performance and repair. I feel so refreshed after that. And it’s not too bad after you really start to sweat at around 15 minutes! Two days a week, in the evening, I will go to Acitv8 and give Sports Massage, Life coaching and ANF Therapy to assist people in managing their pain. A snack of nuts and an apple accompanies me to keep me going! Once I get home, it’s time for dinner, both the human’s and the pooch. He has a raw food diet because he reacts really badly to other food and at three (adopted at 1) he’s only just gained his optimal weight. My husband and I will have a hearty meal of protein, veggies and some carbs. Chill with some Netflix and to be brutally honest go to bed at about 9pm! Grandma status everyday!! I feel as if, now I’ve written this, that there is a lot going on. And may come across as if I need to rest and recharge more. And whilst i feel that may be true in part I use my weekends to recharge surfing or hiking and that fills me with energy. I also believe that because I’m truly following my passion that it doesn’t feel hard work. I love what I do and it fills me with joy that I’m able to help so many people in such a variety of ways.

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