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When we’re stuck in a rut of making unhealthy lifestyle choices, it can be easy to forget that these daily decisions are just that....CHOICES. The word ‘choice’ implies an element of free will, but when our decisions are determined by circumstances, they can feel anything but. For example, having to skip a workout due to time constraints, or opting for a ready meal because you’re too tired to cook. 

Our choices might feel like they’ve been taken away, but there is almost always a ‘compromise choice’ that allows us to execute our right to live how we’d like, within the limitations of a modern busy lifestyle. Nowadays, CHOICE gets lost in the void between ‘all’ and ‘nothing’ - the two most common (and detrimental) schools of thought when it comes to health. We’re conditioned to ‘GO BIG or GO HOME’ and so are led to believe that the small changes aren’t worth the effort. For example, If we can’t do our hour’s gym session, we won’t go at all. Given the unrealistic and challenging nature of ‘going big’, consistency can be near impossible to achieve. The result? We ‘fail’ often (by BIG standards), leaving us with the feeling that the choice to be healthy is out of our hands. 

REGAINING CONTROL Looking at ‘choice’ in terms of the small actions and changes we CAN make is key to putting ourselves back in control. We live in a society where we are both highly busy and overly ambitious - with our goals and expectations. By opting for one day a week - TUESDAY? - when we switch up the habits that seem by consequence (be it skipping the gym, or quick fix treats), we have the chance to create more sustainable goals, and pave the way towards a chain reaction of positive choices. #chooseday #choose #healthychoices #healthylife 

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