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'Although I consider myself one of the lucky ones, psoriasis still has a knock-on effect on my s

In a world that is so fixated on aesthetic beauty, it is easy to stand out with any skin blemish. I first experienced psoriasis in my early teens. A rash appeared on my arms but the doctors did not know what it was. They’d prescribe various creams but the spots would not go. Eventually they just disappeared on their own.

I have since suffered a few outbreaks, the current one starting with me dying my hair in 2009. The back of my scalp became inflamed and developed flaky patches. I have since experimented with countless products that promise you the world but in reality, nothing changes. I have said no to medication. It seems to do wonders for some people but personally, I am not thrilled about pumping my body up with chemicals. Instead, the path I have chosen has led me to embrace natural products, healthy eating and exercise. Fortunately, after spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on various shampoos and lotions, I found Chuckling Goat. Their lotions and soaps are by far the best match for my skin. Although my psoriasis has not gone into full remission yet, it seems to be less inflamed and itchy. One of the circles on my tummy has finally slowly started to recede.

Winters are generally the worst. My arms used to be covered but after finding natural alternatives to mainstream lotions and adding in various superfoods, they have now been almost clear for the last couple of winters. Although I consider myself one of the lucky ones whose psoriasis is not as severe and widespread as some other sufferers, it still has a knock-on effect on my self-confidence - being fully aware of the people sitting behind me on the bus and rarely wearing my hair up when in public. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have a clear scalp again.

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