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We’ve had ‘clean living’, then ‘clean sleeping’... and now, ‘clean BATHING’ 🛀 . We think of baths as being therapeutic, but the chemical element of many of our relaxing soak ingredients (bath bubbles, candles... etc) can often cancel out some of the health benefits. To really take advantage of the bath and all its health-promoting effects, it pays to go chemical-free with your pamper products. . HERE’S HOW... Switching to soy instead of paraben candles (we love Morgan Jost hand poured soy candles) and natural soaks such as Westlab Salts can make a big difference in terms of making bath time healthier. Also, swapping your suds and masks for some chemical free alternatives such as those by Freshly Cosmetics and Kneipp can go a long way to creating the ultimate ‘clean’ soak! For more detox tips visit for our featured ‘LOW TOX NOVEMBER’ feature with Live Limitless.

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