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Snack your way to less stress

Stress is something we all experience at some point in our lives, and for the most part we can put it down to work and lifestyle factors taking their toll. Who knew, however, that there was also a link between our eating habits and our experience of stress symptoms? The link between DIET and stress is one that is less well known...but there is a very real correlation nonetheless. Yes... what you eat, or don’t eat, can have a major impact on your hormone and blood sugar levels, both of which are involved in the body’s stress response. One area where we often go wrong with our diets, from a stress management perspective, is the frequency of our meals. We’re conditioned to believe that eating between meals is a ‘no, no’ and that the' three square..' approach is optimum. The issue here, is that long periods between meals allows blood sugar levels to drop too low, which then causes the body to respond by producing stress hormones (which release stored energy) to compensate. To make matters worse, skimping on snacks can lead to sugar and caffeine cravings! These two energy sappers cause peaks and troughs in blood sugar and a subsequent hormone rollercoaster, which can further contribute to stress, anxiety and ‘emotionality.’ The solution? Eat little and often, and opt for high quality meals and snacks featuring both complex carbohydrates and protein, for a slow release of energy. One company that know only too well the importance of ‘smart snacking’ is Their Know Sugar range of balanced treats - perfect to help beat the mid-afternoon munchies - have 0% added sugar, while the Snack’ology product range of raw and roasted nuts and fruits are ideal for healthy, on the go snacking.

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