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Running ideation

If you’re a fan of running, part of the appeal might have to do with the ideas, solutions and motivation that ALWAYS seem to abound when pounding the pavement. Just a few short miles - or even less - can take you from stumped to pumped, awash with grand plans 💡 that you can’t wait to get back and start bringing to fruition. But what’s the mechanism behind these running light bulb moments? . One potentially valid explanation is the ‘joggle’. That is... the shake, shake action of the jogging motion that never fails to get the ideas fizzing over...soda-pop style! The only problem? You never have a pen and paper to write it all down... Since today is World Run Day, it’s a good chance to indulge in a (controversial) Sunday run! 🏃‍♂️ Running on a Sunday might contradict the rest day rules, but It’s potentially one of the best preparations you can make for the week ahead, setting a momentum of motivation to see you through the Monday slump, and on to the fast track for new and big things in the week ahead. #running #runday #run #joggle #ideation #runningtherapy #inspiration 

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