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Love Actually has to be THE ultimate Christmas film. Made memorable and heartwarming, primarily, for this one scene. 

Who doesn’t want to be Keira Knightly as the loved up Andrew Lincoln pours his heart out to a silent night soundtrack, via those infamous hand written posters? And the reason? Being told ‘I love you’ is the ultimate mood booster, confidence strengthener and relationship enhancer. There’s a stereotype that British people don’t talk about their feelings, but leading psychologist Dr Becky Spelman says that failing to say “I love you” could have long term damaging effects on our relationships... and our health. There are real scientific reasons that explain why expressing our love for others, or hearing others express their love for us, makes us feel so much better. When we express or receive love, our bodies secrete the hormones oxytocin and serotonin. This has the overall effect of making us feel happier, more content, and more secure in our relationship. Oxytocin is the same hormone that women produce when they give birth and it plays an important role in helping them to bond with their babies—but it is also important in all our other close and loving relationships too. If you start expressing love more readily, over time you will learn to embrace the feel-good emotions that doing so elicits.” Research produced in association with Interflora . . #loveactually #iloveyou #andrewlincoln #christmas #christmasfilms #health #healthy 

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