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COUPLE GOALS (but not as you know them!)

It’s a much ‘hashtagged’ expression, but there’s more to ‘relationship goals’ than the power poses and pouts give it credit for! Interpreted literally, ‘couple goals’ can refer to one or more resolutions taken up by both individuals in a partnership. The concept is a formula for success, not just in terms of the mutual aim, but also the relationship itself. Take, for example, the ‘dry’ day/week/ month concept! This is one goal that is considerably easier to achieve if your partner is on the same page. It makes you accountable, takes away any element of temptation, and creates a valuable support platform. It’s also helpful from a relationship stance, since it is differences between couple's drinking habits (rather than drinking per se) which has been shown to be a major factor in relationship dissatisfaction. The social element of an evening drink is admittedly one that many couples might miss. So what’s the alternative, on the days when water just isn’t cutting it? O'Shaugnessy Drink Co sugar-free soft drinks contain natural fruit flavours and a blend of botanicals, B vitamin complex and CBD hemp extract, and are a refreshing alternative to wine or beer for those designated ‘dry’ days.

With 60% of us now preferring a night in over going out (so say @dfs), having a stock of these delicious alcohol-free drinks means you can add a healthier CHILL to your NETFLIX this January. Sponsored by O'Shaugnessy Drink Co

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