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Raw honey, almond and date protein balls

Think RAW... and ‘rabbit food’ might spring to mind!

Now, it’s not that we’re not BIG fans of the crudité, but there is much, much more to eating RAW than carrot these yummy protein balls go to prove! Packed with raw food ingredients, they are an example of the kind of no-bake treats you can make with some simple, uncooked ingredients. One of these ingredients - which we might not necessarily associate with being ‘raw’ - is HONEY.

Raw honey differs from conventional honey in that it retains the active ingredients otherwise destroyed by pasteurising. This includes the natural antibiotic, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

We used BAL Honey for our recipe, which is harvested from wild mountain flowers and rare herbs which grow in the pollution free mountains of the Kyrgyz Republic. The honey is unfiltered and unpasteurised, meaning its health properties have been retained. @balhoneyuk are ably to verify this all-important ‘active’ component though independent Laboratory tests carried out in the UK.

Honey, almond and date protein balls - the low down! This recipe combines the anti microbial benefits of honey with the immune-boosting potential of linseeds, almonds, oats and coconut oil, this recipe packs a serious nutritional punch - one that the body’s defence system can only benefit from at this most vulnerable time of year for colds and flu. Full of protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates, they also make a perfect hunger-curbing, post-workout-replenishing snack that you can easily make as part of a quick and simply stage of your weekly meal prep. .

Ingredients 50g ground almonds 100g dates, roughly chopped 50g rolled oats 50g ground flax seeds 50g coconut oil, melted 2 dspn BAL Honey Sanfoin White Honey Add all the dry ingredients to a large bowl, then add the honey and coconut oil. Mix until all the ingredients are combined, then bring together and kneed briefly with your hands. Shape into small round balls, then roll in desiccated coconut and/or ground almond to serve.

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Sponsored by BAL Honey

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