How healthy is your home?

We often think of our homes as a safe haven. The one place where we can retreat from ‘the big smoke’, so to speak! It’s probably a surprise then, to learn that our homes can (and do) have as much potential for ‘pollution’ as the outside world. Yes, indoor air pollution is a real problem, and one that we wouldn’t necessarily think comparable to the much more apparent problem of city smog. In fact, nearly two thirds of us (63%) admit to not even having heard of indoor air pollution before (so say Puressentiel). So how is it that our ‘clean’ homes can harbour all these airborne chemicals? Chris Etheridge a Chemist and Herbalist says - “indoor pollution is a cocktail of outdoor pollutants (such as ozone and vehicle emissions), and indoor irritants such as volatile organic compounds, cleaning chemicals, moulds, fungal spores and bacteria.” Chemicals can come from anything from the carpets we walk on, to the paint on our walls, right through to the cosmetics and cleaning products we use. And since we spend