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If you want to instantly improve your health...just be kind!

Kindness is one of the few things we can do which has immediate health benefits. Yes, there’s no patience required in this health hack!

The science bit Showing compassion for others, at the expense of ones’s own needs, brings on a surge of happy hormones, including dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. The psychological effects are a catalyst to happiness and contentment, and can often spark off a chain reaction of positive events. Not only this, over time, kindness can potentially help to lower blood pressure, lift overall mood and improve self esteem. Acts of kindness can range from baking muffins for a friend, to paying for a strangers coffee, passing on a car par ticket, or letting somebody in front in a line of traffic. Reluctance toward these kind of gestures often lies in the belief system that success is the result of one-upmanship - a theory that only truly successful know to be flawed. On Random Act of Kindness Day, and every day, it pays to look for opportunities to be selfless, and count your acts of kindness. It’s a means to reap the rewards of that infamous ‘helpers high’ whilst also making the lives of our friends, family and even perfect strangers, just that little bit better. 📸 @ mylittlekatecod

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