LASHES: Three make up artists give their advice for a natural lash look

Lashes. They’re the mainstay of any good make up regime, and the simplest and most reliable go to for when we need to get our 'face' on...and quickly.

Given a few tricks of the make up trade, little make up is often needed elsewhere in order to create that ‘ready to face the day’ feeling.

We asked three make up artists for their tips for creating that much sought after natural lash look.

Charlotte Albert

‘Save a mascara that’s completely used and dried up (the more dry the better!), wash the brush with warm water to remove any left over product, and fill the mascara with caster oil. Apply to the lashes every evening before bed, this will nourish and condition your natural lashes, so helping them stay healthy while also stimulating growth. It's great for eyebrows too!’

Izabela Pagano

‘For a natural look, apply mascara just on the top lashes and make sure they are combed through really well to give a natural/realistic lash. You can do this by using you mascara, then after comb through with a clean lash wand.’

Lizz Payne

‘When applying mascara, pinch your lashes afterwards to remove any excess product. This helps to leave the lashes looking full and defined, yet more natural and not saturated in product.’


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