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The Sustainable Smoothie - the ‘win, win’ way to start your day!

Nowadays, we’re all looking for new and more effective ways to sustain ourselves... as well as our environment. From a personal perspective, it’s the importance of putting back what our busy lives take out (nutritionally) that has never been more widely recognised. Alongside this, the recent media coverage of our plastic-filled seas has highlighted the need to maintain our planet’s natural resources, and its ecological balance. From both angles (and as is invariably always the case) it is the SMALL, everyday changes that make the biggest impact. And so the ‘sustainable smoothie’ concept was born! Produced in association with Bambeco as positive starting point to a healthier day, as well as a healthier planet, it is something we can all implement... starting today! Smoothies may have received some stick in the past, but with a little help from some plant based/protein ingredients, they have all the makings of a nutritious, ‘sustainable’ breakfast. One that can certainly help towards keeping our all-important energy and nutrient resources in the green! Serve yours with a Bambeco straw for the BEST way to enjoy even the thickest of protein shakes! These hand-crafted bamboo staws are sourced from sustainable crops in Bali and farmed in a fair-trading environment. They are fully bio-degradable and 100% organic, plus really easy to clean and (most importantly) reusable! Sponsored by Bambeco

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