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If World Book Day did sandwiches... they’d probably look like this!

For those who didn’t know, today is World Book Day - a time to celebrate all the authors, illustrators and books we know and love, and to acknowledge the joy and benefits of reading! Now, Paddington Bear may well be a children’s classic, but there is one thing that even grown ups can take from his excuse to indulge in the widely underestimated condiment that is MARMALADE. So far as nutrition goes, marmalade has more health-giving potential than we might initially think (especially if it’s home made, with minimal sugar). Orange marmalade uses the peels and flesh of oranges (and sometimes lemons), and so assuming it isn’t laden with too many other ingredients (unfortunately many shop-brought brands are, however!), a marmalade sandwich is a perfectly acceptable snack to keep under your hat on special occasions such as this! We made this one with Gradz Bakers delicious sourdough, which is hand crafted in London (Paddington would approve) by master bakers. This recipe uses no starter mix or baker’s yeast, and a slow fermentation process, so the bread is easier to digest... great for when you’ve got a day’s busy adventuring to do! Sponsored by Gradz Bakery

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