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Bread & BETTER Pudding - the stodge-free solution to comfort food!

Who doesn’t love pudding!? From sticky toffee to bread and butter, it takes a strong will (and perhaps a savoury palate) not to have your taste buds tickled by the prospect of something sticky and sweet. The problem with pudding though, as we are all too aware, lies in the lethargic, ‘I-shouldn’t-have-eaten-that!’ aftermath! That full-belly/foggy head feeling that all the best pudding regrets are made of! 

Thankfully, though, there is a way of enjoying pudding (minus the carb crash) whilst actually adding to your nutrition at the same time! 

Using LIVLIFE bread, we’ve created a higher protein/lower carb interpretation of what is undeniably one of the most comforting and delicious desserts - Bread and Butter pudding. Their Seriously Seeded loaf contains linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and has 50% less carbohydrates per slice. Used as the basis for this pudding, and combined with the sugar-stabilising benefits of other ingredients such as almond milk, cinnamon and coconut creme, this recipe has an indulgence factor that’s uniquely not at expense of energy levels, like most desserts. It also packs a useful punch of ‘good’ fats, vitamins and fibre. This is mainly from the bread’s impressive seed content, to which the pudding’s deliciously different ‘bite’ is also owed! RECIPE 25g/1oz butter, plus extra for greasing 1 pack LivLife Seriously Seeded sliced bread 50g/2oz raisins 2 tsp cinnamon powder 350ml/12fl oz almond milk 50ml/2fl oz coconut cream 2 medium free range eggs 50g brown sugar Nutmeg (to taste) Preheat the oven to 180C/355F/Gas 4. Grease a medium pie dish with butter. Cut the crusts off the Livlife bread then spread each slice with butter Cut into triangles, then arrange them in layers (buttered-side up) in the the dish, with layers of raisins and sprinklings of cinnamon in between. Finish the layering with a layer of bread, then set aside. Gently warm the milk and coconut cream in a pan over a low heat (don't let it boil). Crack the eggs into a bowl then add three quarters of the sugar. Whisk lightly then add the warm milk and stir well. Pour the mixture over the bread slices then sprinkle with remaining sugar and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Leave to stand for 30 minutes, then bake for 30 minutes until golden-brown. Sponsored by LIVLIFE FOODS - available from Ocado

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