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The key to a healthy spring? Fitness, fresh air & FLOWERS

🏃‍♀️ FITNESS 💨 FRESH AIR 💐 FLOWERS The three combined are a powerful force for health, and for much more complex reason than you might think... 🍃 FITNESS Let’s take running, first of all. Apparently, running helps activate skeletal muscles, which then detoxify the blood of a substance called ‘kynurenine’, which can accumulate during times of stress (and is believed to be linked to depression.)This effect, mixed with the serotonin-boosting power of a run, makes donning your trainers and heading out a positive step towards helping improve mood and mindset. 🍃FLOWERS Running among wild flowers can have a mood-boosting effect due to the stimulating effect of brightly coloured blooms on the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. 🍃FRESH AIR Being within nature removes you from digital stimulus, and thereby creates an environment more conducive to daydreaming. This allows the brain to reset into what scientists call the default mode network (or DMN), which is essential to the mental processes that allow us to realise our own identities, among other benefits. In addition (here’s the science bit 🧬!! ) the negatively ionised oxygen found in nature has a relaxing effect on the body by promoting alpha brain waves / increasing brain wave amplitude.Th 

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