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When life gives you lemons...

(Drink Lemon Verbena Water) Stress is a natural part of everyday life...and while there are some types that are unavoidable (deadlines, traffic jams, utility bills...) , there are other types of stress that are entirely preventable. Focusing on lessening THESE stressors is part of the key to keeping your ‘stress load’ at a manageable level, to avoid it spilling over into other areas of your life. So what do you class as a preventable stressor? Well, DEHYDRATION is one of them.

Not drinking enough water can heighten the body’s physiological response to stress, so making it more likely to impact on your overall wellbeing. The benefits of drinking enough water therefore go above and beyond just quenching thirst. As always, though, busy lifestyles have a habit of creating a disparity between knowing...and doing. So what’s the key to keeping your water intake up (and your stress levels down) when navigating the non-stop of work, the gym, socialising and so forth? One trick is to always keep a bottle of water on your person if you’re out and about, or on your desk when at work. Choosing water with a bit of an ‘edge’ (ie. infused with either fruit and/or botanicals) can also create an incentive to drink more. Take No.1 Botanicals Lemon Verbena Water, the key ingredient in which is known in the folk traditions of South America for imparting digestive and anti-anxiety benefits - two qualities which lend well to some of the most prevalent side effects of modern life! With a delicious citrusy flavour, it can be drunk alone, or even used as a soothing mocktail mixer at the end of a long day. We served ours (pictured) with sliced cucumber... and a relaxing dose of early evening sunshine!

Stress... what stress? Sponsored by No.1 Botanicals

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