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A cream egg has to be THE ultimate Easter treat. Sweet, chocolatey and wonderfully nostalgic. Since Easter is all about enjoying a little of what you fancy, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to recreate this classic, albeit with a slightly healthier stance! For those not wanting to go too far off the healthy eating radar this weekend, this is the perfect treat recipe for you! Made with Chocolate and Love Panama 80% single origin dark chocolate, and a delicious sweet mascarpone cream centre, these eggs boast all the ‘indulgence factor’ you'd expect from a cream egg, and a little bit of nutrition that you don’t! The big cream egg question has always been, ‘how do you eat yours?’, but no matter whether it’s middle first, or all-in-one go, this recipe guarantees one unanimous answer.... ‘guilt free!’ After all, the key ingredient - Chocolate and Love - is not only made from some of the World's finest organic ingredients, but it is also produced on a fair trade basis, with the company sourcing from cooperatives in Panama, Peru, The Dominican Republic and Madagascar.

For 15% discount use code HMLOVECHOC15 at the checkout until 31/05/19. Sponsored by Chocolate and Love

RECIPE You’ll need: 2 x medium egg moulds 1 x small sphere mould Ingredients 4 x bars Chocolate and Love Panama 80% single origindark chocolate 1 pot mascarpone cheese 50g icing sugar 50g white chocolate Orange food colouring Method: Slowly melt one of the dark chocolate bars in a bowl over simmering water.

Add a small amount of the chocolate to each mould and swirl to cover all the mould surface.

Leave to set (approx half an hour) then repeat the process for each remaining bar, allowing setting time between the layers in order to build up approx 3mm chocolate thickness.

After the final layer has set, whip the mascarpone and icing sugar together and spoon into the egg halves.

Melt the white chocolate over boiling water, then mix in 10-15 drip of orange food colouring.

Spoon equal amounts of chocolate into the sphere moulds and leave to set.

Once hardened, remove the chocolates from the moulds and add one round to the centre of each egg, pushing in gently to fix.

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