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Tweeting for Health - Birdsong can improve focus and reduce tiredness

When it comes to relaxing sounds, birds song is up there with some of the best of nature’s soothing sounds, from rolling waves, to whale songs and falling rain! Such are the health benefits of birdsong, that scientists at Kings College London found it can boost mental well-being for more than four hours, creating an uplifting and therapeutic soundscape for wellbeing AND productivity! Among the main benefits are improved focus and cognition and reduced tiredness. What is most unique about birdsong, from a health perspective, is that it can calm and relax physically, yet stimulate cognitively all at the same time. This is all down to the lack of repetition, supposedly, and the fact that the tunes are stochastic (made up of lots of random sounds) with no repeating rhythm or pattern to distract, irritate or bore the listener. It's also adept at masking background noise that can otherwise disturb concentration. All this is wonderful, and may have us all heading to the nearest park or open space, but there is one problem? Today, there are 40 million fewer birds than there were 40 years ago. In the past 50 years, 40 million birds have been lost from British skies, and more than half of UK species are in decline. To help raise awareness of this problem, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has released a single of birdsong which is currently making waves in the UK charts! By downloading the track , you can not only show your support for the cause, but also tap into the health benefits of birdsong even when you’re indoors.

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