You’ve given up plastic bottles and brought reusable bags... but what about your CLOTHES?

As the anti-plastic movement gathers increasing momentum, more and more of us are turning our backs on single use bottles, bags and unnecessarily ‘wrapped’ products. These are all positive steps in the right direction, BUT...what if we told you that your buying habits might still be endorsing one of the worst plastic offenders? CLOTHES!! If you’ve recently brought anything containing polyester, nylon or acrylic - all of which are forms of plastic - then here’s an interesting fact: these garments all shed tiny bits of plastic (microfibres) when washed (up to 17 million microfibres per load) that can ultimately escape from our washing machines, into water treatment plants and into the ocean. Here, they can absorb nasty chemicals, and are then eaten by sea creatures like plankton who then pass them up the food chain. Some studies have even found them in seafood like mussels, beer and even table salt. It’s shocking revelation, and lends credence to the message that we need to phase out all but the most essential plastics. On ‘Plastic Free Day’, we’ll inevitably all be mindful of doing our bit to avoid obvious plastic purchases where possible. Judging by the bigger picture of plastic pollution, however, it seems there is mileage in looking BEYOND the food market (where the sustainability message is inevitably loudest) and towards the more quietly offending plastic-pollutants .... starting with our wardrobes!


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