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Only SARNIES have the answer!

Of all the meals in an average day, lunch has to be the most hotly anticipated... and for more reasons than we might give it credit for! In the bigger picture, lunch represents so much more than just food. It’s a time-out when we need it most. A chance to enjoy the sunshine in an otherwise desk bound day, and a beacon of light at the end of that relentless morning meeting tunnel! In fact, there’s very little that a morning can throw at us, that can’t be helped or made better by a spot of lunch! It’s no wonder, then, that the #lunchgoals hashtag has amassed a whopping 82k posts, all in the name of this wonderful, once-a-day opportunity to eat (and get!) outside the box. The challenge of catering for our ever more multi-purpose, nutritionally balanced and fast paced lunch requirements is one that EAT seem only too happy to rise to! Much like our tastes, their menu changes daily, with an emphasis on making and serving their own tasty seasonal recipes. Thanks to the nutritionally inspired range of sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, soups, salads, hot pots and protein pots, their shops and delivery service help put an all important element of variety on the menu, at a time of day where ‘same, same’ and habit otherwise have a tendency to abound. On what is the first day of British Sandwich Week, we’re on a mission to celebrate all that is great and good about this classic lunchtime favourite. The humble sandwich...which may have gotten a little lost in the flurry of Buddah bowls and superfood salads, but which ultimately remains one of the easiest, most satisfying and potentially healthy options we can ever pull out of the working lunch bag! If you’re keen to join in on the celebratory sandwich action, why not head on over to your local EAT (full list of shops and delivery details available at and use the time saved to savour not only your lunch break, but the glorious May sunshine to boot!

Sponsored by EAT

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