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As one of leading spectator sports, tennis is renowned just as much for it’s entertainment value as it is for its gastronomy. Little has changed over the years in terms of traditional Wimbledon fare, with the old favourite of strawberries and cream washed down with an ice cold Pimms still topping the ranks of ways to get in the sporting spirit. Very often, however, the sporting season piques more than just an excuse for a little indulgence. In fact, the fruit-based flip side of Wimbledon food, where bananas and orange wedges abound, is setting an influential president for all things nutritious! So, if you’ve been inspired to up your healthy eating game this Wimbledon week, we’ve got the perfect ‘how to’ for you as TV personality Jamie Laing demonstrates how to make a delicious strawberries and cream pizza as part of Elmlea's latest #domorethanpour campaign.

We’ve also put together a little Protein (Tennis) Ball recipe of our own for fitness buffs looking for a Wimbledon inspired way to refuel post-workout!

Ingredients: 100g ground almonds 200g rolled oats 2 dspn honey 2 dspn peanut butter Mix all the ingredients together and bring together with your hands. Shape into 2 x tennis ball size rounds Roll each ball in crushed cornflakes or desiccated coconut (Slightly moisten the outside of each ball if required.)

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