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A little of what you fancy does you good

There is something so uniquely satisfying about cake, that scarcely a situation exists that can't be vastly improved by it!

From breakfast to birthdays, catch-ups to pick-me-ups..the humble blueberry muffin might just be THE best way to start, smooth and sweeten the highs and lows of our day-to-days. In the realms of good nutrition, however, this habit would have previously been open to some debate. And for good reason, given that cake per se often left much to be desired when it came to health-giving ingredients. As such, there has always been a guilt factor attached to the 'a little of what you fancy' theory, even despite the well proven benefits of including a little daily decadence in our lives. It is this negative image of cake that the founders of Fitbakes are keen to shake with their new and healthy stance on baked treats. Owner Ella Rauen-Prestes is of the well balanced opinion that a little 'sway' each day helps to keep binges and bad choices away, and it is this belief that inspired the idea for a new generation of mini high protein/ low sugar muffin bites.

Ella's tasty muffin creations are perfect for those who enjoy a cake-fix, but who are also keen to keep within the parameters of a healthy diet. The muffins have the added benefit of boasting built in portion control, and Fitbakes as a company are proudly certified as the first Low Sugar Bakery in the UK through Sugarwise.

A particularly popular choice are their blueberry mini muffins, which not only contain fresh blueberries, but also have added CHIA seeds for a healthy boost of Omega-3s...and all without any preservatives or refined sugar.

So what does all this mean? Well, for starters, it means you can feel confident that a daily treat isn’t at the expense of good nutrition on the whole, and with the handy bag-sized packets, it's also reassuring to never have to be caught short on a cake craving again!

Sponsored by Fitbakes.

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