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PIN THIS! The small Christmas pin that's changing the face of Black Friday shopping

It’s all too tempting, with Christmas just around the corner, to scroll and click your way through your ‘to buy’ list without ever actually setting foot on your local High Street!

Such is the advantage of the digital era, that everything we need is just an ‘add to cart’ away.

But...what if we resisted the urge to browse via our screen, and instead took Christmas Shopping back to the street where some would argue it belongs.

The High Street is at the heart of a thriving and vibrant community, and the unique independent stores in your area rely on your support, especially at Christmas.

The message from Visa, and also Justacard (makers of Christmas pin pictured) is to shop local over the festive period, and show your retailers some love.

Among the benefits include exercise, less screen time and less chance of needing to waste time in a post office queue returning unsuitable items.

Visa are branding the return to the high street a show of love, and we’d be inclined to agree...especially when the affection is reciprocated with some too-good-to-miss discounts!

If you really want to make a difference this Christmas, though, the message as always is to shop independent, and support the makers for whom each and every sale is hugely significant and valued.

Aside from making someone’s day, you might just find something unique that you wouldn’t come across in the chain stores. This, in itself, is inventive enough to battle the crowds and embrace the chaos this festive season.

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