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SELF on the shelf

The concept of being 'on the shelf' might well have negative connotations of dating disasters and unluckiness is love, but from where we're sitting, the 'shelf' might not be so bad after all....

What we’re referring to, is the more positive idea of taking up a prime position, sitting back and taking it all in... such is the theory behind the popular EOTS tradition.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Elf on the Shelf game, let us enlighten!

ELF’ is widely recognised as the great observer, supposedly watching for good behaviour and reporting back to him in the North Pole accordingly.

Giving yourself the authority and permission to be your own best judge, make informed decisions, and enjoy the show that the goings on of everyday life represent, has all the makings of a challenge of universally relevant proportions.

With the rush rush of everyday life, we very rarely take the time to be still, to be alone, and to just observe. Just ‘putting yourself on the shelf’ for 5 minutes a day, to practice these exercises, can be a useful tool for taking stock, appreciating the highs...and recognising the lows.

The key thing to take from all this, though, is not to linger and become stagnant. No matter the scene surveyed on any given day, the next day demands picking up and moving onto the next position. As a metaphor for the ‘day one’ mindset, where every day is the first day, Self on The Shelf is more than just a 25 day fad... it’s a way of life.

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