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Ever feel like you could just SCREAM? Well, go for it! (Science says it might just be good for your

We all have those days when we could just SCREAM!!

But we don’t. Because, well... everybody would stare (among other reasons).

In our minds eye, we might try and remedy a screamworthy situation by visualising yelling to the top of our lungs, but it has to be said... nothing can compete with the real thing.

Now clearly this might invite mixed opinions, with the ‘composure is king’ school of thought likely to argue that letting emotions manifest so dramatically can certainly call your ‘cool’ into question.

They might be right... but who’s to say there’s any harm (socially or otherwise) from having a good shout when nobody’s in ear shot?

The answer is, well.. nobody! Screaming therapy is one of those behind-closed-doors activities that more people probably already do than will freely admit to. Much like singing into the hairbrush, or watching TV in your pants (rewind to last week’s PANTSDRUNK pose!!), for example.

As a form of stress relief, ‘scream singing’ (what a lot of lead singers in metal or screamo bands do) is actually well acknowledged. In everyday life, venting with all your lung’s might into a pillow works just as well. Firstly, just make sure to come up for air, and secondly, always consciously return your breathing to a normal and steady pace.

The result? You should feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, at the very least.

As a cheap (free even) antidote to a bad day, a bit of self-prescribed pillow talk (of the loud, shouting variety) might succeed where ‘sucking it up’ sometimes fails!!! .

You’ve nothing to Lu-Lose! #punintended #sorrynotsorry

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