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These boots are made for...TALKING!

If nothing else, fashion is a great conversation starter.

And as if that wasn’t brilliant enough (we all need to talk more, after all)... there’s now an added bonus in the NATURE of the conversations clothes and shoes can start!

From sustainability, fashion now has more talking points up its sleeve than the once materialistic stereotype gave credit for.

In the case of these Vegan Topshop boots, for’s possible to talk the talk of THE lifestyle choice of the modern day, simply by walking the walk!!

The surprise here might come from the misconception that veganism begins and ends with diet. In actual fact, switching to a ‘plant-based’ lifestyle can open up infinite new possibles in footwear,beauty, stationary... even wine!

For those that aren’t 100% convinced about going full vegan with their diet, shoes represent a positive step - a baby step, if you will - that is universally implementable, and far reaching in terms of both carbon footprint and animal welfare.

Aside from these advantages, vegan footwear can be a style statement in it’s own right, which is something to consider as we plan our stance for not just a new year.. but a new DECADE ahead! .

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