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Sweatpants on Thursday

Thanks to the power of social learning, ‘Do as I Do’ has become the motto of a generation.

Decisions on everything from food, to fitness, to fashion can widely be traced back to something that’s been seen somewhere, at some time, on social media.

Sometimes this can have health advantages, but what it does leave little wiggle room for is independent decision making. That is, doing what YOU want, when you want to... rather than what and when ‘influence’ suggests to be correct.

Admittedly, letting instinct take over might not always lead to the most healthful decisions on paper, BUT it’s important to practice this now and then as a reminder of the value of ‘self listening’ in forging an overall healthy lifestyle.

After all, we’re all mindful of the value of listening to others (particularly in regards to mental health). Why would we not listen to ourselves?

With the ‘do as I do’ tide now at its flood, it’s often all too tempting to jump aboard with the flurry of fads and fixes cluttering the airwaves (and instawaves.)

Far better, we say, to float your OWN boat by whatever means possible, whether that means sweatpants on Thursdays (thanks for the #inspo Jess Glynne), or something else random but necessary!

The experience of self-listening can be an empowering one to say the least, and this lends to an improved sense of wellbeing that MIGHT (might) just rival that of following the latest health trend!

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