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Back Your Buddy's Business

We’ve been hearing a lot over the last few days about the huge importance of kindness, and even more so today on National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Kindness comes in all shapes and forms, from the words we speak (or don’t), to the actions we take.

Aside from the demonstrations of generosity, empathy and consideration we might ordinarily associate with ‘being kind’ - there is another way that we can all embrace the art of selflessness...and helpfulness.


With more and more of us starting and running businesses in the online /social media sphere, chances are we all know someone who has a product or service that someone else - somewhere - in our circle would probably benefit from hearing about.

It is widely underestimated, just how much a like, comment, share or thumbs up can really count for in terms of making these connections, and bolstering the people behind the brands.

In terms of incentives (besides the above), research shows there’s also such a thing as the ‘helper’s high’, which has immediate advantages for both mental health and wellbeing, which includes reducing stress and improving happiness.

So, if you’ve got a buddy (or a friend of a friend/relative) that’s running or building an #insta business... give them a shout out this Random Acts of Kindness Day!

The ripple effect is real, and so too is the potential for kindness (and happiness) that lies at all of our fingertips as we go about something so habitual as scrolling through social media! #makethescrollcount

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