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'Having a workout buddy is one of the most tried and trusted ways to stay motivated'

Very often, exercise can be a somewhat lonely experience. Whether you’re heading to the gym, or out for a run, the solitary aspect all too often proves a motivational stumbling block.

The answer? Find a friend, or pet (or both) who’s willing to brave the cold with you, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly apathy turns to energy...stopping procrastination in its slippery ‘shall I, shan’t I?!’ tracks.

The workout buddy fitness hack is one of the most tried and trusted going, partly for the simple reason that it makes you accountable for more than just your own fitness. It’s someone else’s workout at stake also.

Secondly, there’s the time-passing power of being in the company of your best pal. It’s something which can soften the blow of the most difficult of training sessions, especially if you’ve chosen a workout buddy who happens to be a motivational maestro to boot!

Even if your only option for a fitness companion happens to be your pet, the benefits still stand, since the expectation and excitement that a dog can develop for a new, regular running regime (for example) acts as a tool in itself for maintaining momentum! Nobody wants to disappoint the dog, after all... even if Uncle Buck is on TV!

On what is National Workout Buddy Day, the importance of this camaraderie in fitness is something that’s come to the fore. Not just on here...but across the instaland in general! Even if you do enjoy working out alone, and have no issues with motivation (many do), the ‘buddy up’ technique can still have advantages on occasion. Whether it’s from setting a different pace (your partners), learning a new running route... or simply creating the chance to chat - something which might sometimes be so important, that the exercise is incidental.

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