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PJs and Dunkin! (Plus more secrets to a good night's sleep)

For many of us, getting ready for bed is a ritual that can’t be messed with!

And quite right too, since having a bedtime routine has been shown to play a key part in not just how well we fall asleep, but how long we are able to maintain that restful slumber.

In terms of the actual stages that make up a bed time routine, there is huge scope for individuality, but for nearly 40% of us… PYJAMAS are a non negotiable.

According to science, changing into a matching pair of pyjamas can actually provide a tactile and visual signal to your brain that it’s time to relax and recharge.

In the same way that dressing up can influence mindset and help us raise our game for work, having a set ‘bed uniform’ can exert a subtle effect on how we feel and think, conditioning the brain to make a clear distinction between 'on' and 'off' modes.

Alongside pyjamas, we all have our individual habits that help set the tone for sleep. Whether it’s a book, a warm drink (and something to dunk in it), or a spritz of your favourite pillow spray… the key thing is to be consistent with tuning into your body’s natural rhythm.

As an effective component to a 'PJs and dunkin' unwind ritual (or similar) at the end of the day, Feather and Down Pillow Spray can be used to help you enter into a new mindset of calm and relaxation.

Infused with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils, a quick spritz of your pillow can potentially help to increase the type of brain waves associated with relaxation, so helping promote tranquillity and a restful night's sleep.

For more details, and to discover the rest of the Feather and Down range, visit their website.

Sponsored by Feather and Down

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