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I’m all out of DOVE 🎵 (I’m so lost without you!)

When the day arrives, that all the little things that we know and rely upon - products, brands, habits, routines - are no longer accessible or possible... what happens?

It could be your trusted deodorant, your favourite oat milk, your gym routine... gone in a flash, and for the frightening foreseeable.

For those that are thinking it’s JUST A DEODORANT, you’re absolutely right. BUT, the deodorant (or lack of it) is important, because it represents an IMPOSED CHANGE. Something that we didn’t opt for, and are forced to adapt to through no choice of our own.

Imposed change is uncomfortable, unsettling and inconvenient, but... in the long term it CAN have advantages.

As we all try to all flip our mindsets to stay positive on these unfamiliar grounds... you could say that there is something to be gained from our ‘normal’ (whether that’s a ‘normal’ deodorant brand, our our ‘normal’ exercise routine) being turned on it’s head.

Initially, this change might suck in comparison. But ultimately, the process of trial and error to find something that compares to whatever it is you’re used to, can end up landing on something even better!

It’s speculative, and not necessarily the case for anything and everything (exceptions do apply), but in times when our hand is being forced away from the comfort of our daily ‘norms’...there is much to be gained from staying open to the idea that great opportunities and exciting discoveries might just come from navigating this path of most resistance.

Even if this isn’t the case (is there anything better than DOVE?!), there’s a high chance that the absence of the routines and products we love and rely upon, will just make our hearts grow fonder and more likely to appreciate them once they become available again.

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