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International Day of Happiness: Embrace the art of distraction

Today is International Day of Happiness, and while this kind of caption might ordinarily focus on all the things we can do, and the places we can go, to help put a smile of our face, many of these ‘things’ are currently either impossible, or somewhat trivial under the cold light of all that is going on in the world.

With social activities and travel off the cards, we’re faced with the unique challenge of finding new ways to fill our days and bring a smile to our face, even if only for a moment.

The #drawanorange trend is one that looks set to catch on, as tapping into our creativity is becoming a popular and widely encourage way to pass the time and embrace the art of distraction.

Ordinarily, these kind of inane doodles might be considered a waste of time in the grand scheme of more important things we should be doing.

But, right now, the Orange of Optimism has taken precedence over emails, going to work, running errands … all the routine stuff we might normally fill our time with.

We’ve started an orange thread on our stories, tagging 4 friends who then have to draw their own orange on top, and pass it on.

It’s an activity perhaps not befitting of normal, everyday adulting as we know it, but for the few minutes you might spend concentrating on picking the best eyes, nose, ears and legs for your own little work of orange art, we’re pretty sure the ‘c’ word might elude your thoughts… and there has to be something to be said for that.

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