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The Oh Na Na Na Dance Challenge: 'This is one trending challenge you can't afford to miss&#3

There are many ‘self isolation survival’ trends doing the rounds at the moment... some just for fun, some for fitness, and others for functionality (#showusyourshelves #40days40items... the list goes on!).

Among the trending challenges whose benefits extend beyond just passing the time...the ‘ohnana challenge’ arguably comes up trumps.

This is one bandwagon which gets us moving, laughing and bonding in a way that we probably wouldn’t entertain the idea of ‘wasting’ our time on under normal ‘busy life’ circumstances.

Centred on some clever foot tapping choreography, the ohnana challenge might looks easy, but the simplistic appearance is deceiving.

Mastering the moves, you can expect to feel just a tad frustrated (not to mention irritated by the repetitive song after the 100th attempt), BUT so long as you have both determination and time (no problems there then!!) the ‘try try again’ motto will most definitely pay off!

There’s also, some would say, a happy camaraderie in sometimes jumping on a bandwagon like this, especially when it’s one based on harmless fun. That, and the satisfaction of playing some small part in passing the baton of distraction to the next person who fancies their chances as an ohnanana master!

Besides the giggles, this dance is aerobic, works your coordination and challenges your memory and learning, lending all-round wellbeing benefits in the process.

Word of advice though...wear trainers, or you risk your feet taking a hit by some overzealous foot tapping! #youvebeenwarned

Head over to stories to see the (almost) mastered challenge.

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