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Slow and steady wins the race: How to make home workouts work for you

Instagram might be awash with fitness inspiration at the moment, but that’s not enough to prevent a great many of us feeling, well...UNINSPIRED.

It’s not for want of know-how, since the myriad of home HIIT how-tos have put paid to this knowledge gap.

The problem, one of general ‘can’t-be-botheredness.’

Yes, social isolation - by all accounts - is sapping our fitness mojos more than the misconceptions of mass motivation suggests.

We might love the idea of fast, furious fitness in our front rooms, but the brain drain of so much bad news often has other ideas.

What might help, in this case, is flipping the script on home workouts to slow, sweat-free sessions that don’t require us to muster up the mojo that is understandably lacking.

The road ahead is a marathon, and one best broached with a slow and steady approach.

Callanetics, stretching, yoga, desk swimming (yes, it’s a real thing) are all testament to the reality that you don’t need to work up a sweat to take advantage of exercise’s health and wellbeing benefits.

Seconding this important message is Untamed activewear, whose ethos is to take you from lunges to leisure (and back again) through their luxury, high-quality and stylish designs, which work just as well for fitness as they do fashion.

Their sculpting leggings are the ‘inactivewear’ that we all need right now to feel comfortable in our new lives at home, yet just 'gym ready' enough to be able to take small, regular actions towards a healthy and active isolation period.

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