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Cupboard Cooking: 'A stock of canned food, eggs and pasta brings more creative thinking and outs

With the luxury of accessing every ingredient under the sun at the touch of a button something of a distant memory at the moment, we’re increasingly embracing the trend of ‘cupboard cooking.’

In other words, making a meal from whatever you can get your hands on in the kitchen... mixed with a little imagination.

Rewind just a few weeks, and we were probably all guilty of at some point opening a cupboard stacked with food and concluding there was ‘nothing to eat.’

Nowadays, a stock of canned food, eggs, pasta and baked beans brings more comfort, creative thinking and outside-the-box cooking than it ever would have, had our shopping habits not been turned on their head in the way that they currently have. .

With apps down, and shelves often empty, there is now huge appreciation for how good we had it, and how little we realised it.

Cupboard cooking might be far removed from what we are used to, but it is a learning curve of going back to basics that can pay dividends financially and nutritionally, all thanks to the power of simplicity and ‘from scratch.’

If you’re in need of inspiration for cupboard cooking, check out Jack Monroe or Lucy and Lentils, whose recipes tend to focus on basic stock ingredients, with surprisingly delicious results!

We’ve also stuck a little chick pea curry recipe here, to help nip those rising feelings of ‘nothing to eat’ in the bud the next time you find yourself with only basic (but brilliant) ingredients to work with.

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