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Theo Michaels' Carbonara Recipe

This recipe is to accompany the live demonstration aired on 6th April on the Health Magazine's instagram stories.


80g spaghetti (dried or fresh)

1 whole egg + 1 yolk

80g smoked lardons

Knob butter

50g parmesan cheese

Small handful fresh parsley chopped



Whisk the whole egg and yolk of another, incorporate the grated parmesan, season generously with cracked black pepper and the chopped fresh parsley and reserve.

Fry lardons till crispy, pour off excess oil and add a small knob of butter to the pan and leave on a low heat.

Cook spaghetti to packet instructions, drain (reserving cooking liquid) and pour spaghetti into the pan with the lardons, plus two tbsp of the cooking liquid and remove from the heat. Incorporate the spaghetti with the buttery lardons, then, ensuring the pan is not bubbling at all, pour in the egg mixture and immediately fold through the pasta for a couple of minutes and serve.

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