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Struggling to get into the whole home fitness scene? Well, you’re not alone...

More people are having issue with the transition from gym to garden than social media would imply.

Rest assured, however, there's hope yet for those of us who just aren't feeling it yet, and it comes in the shape of the increasingly popular app, TikTok.

If you haven't already discovered it ... TikTok is a short-form video platform, which enables anyone and everyone to start and follow challenges, experiments, trends and activities.... fitness activities included.

As such, this app is becoming a go-to for motivation and inspiration, with the net effect of getting more people moving than probably would if it weren’t for these short, sharp snippets planting the seed of curiosity. This is the power of the ‘TikTok effect.' Cleverly sugar coating deceptively intense workouts, and using the fun factor to make them palatable to the masses. Genius.

It’s a concept that the team at Kapow Meggings have long been familiar with, creating men's leggings that help to streamline and supercharge men’s fitness by wrapping up even the toughest workouts in brightly coloured, functional activewear, which can’t fail to both motivate and inspire.

Created for comfort and performance, Kapow's men's fitness leggings are engineered with high performance fabric and 4-way stretch, so whether you’re working out solo, or jumping on the latest Tiktok challenge with your partner in isolation, their designs are 'game on' guaranteed!

We’ve been busy trying out some of these Tiktok fitness trends, which you can see more of on our Instagram stories.

What are you waiting for... ? #ticktock

Sponsored by Kapow Meggings

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