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If, like many, lockdown has left a large, latte-shaped hole in your daily routine, you’ll probably relate to the longing for something other than an instant substitute to kick-start your morning!

On a positive note, this be-your-own barista bandwagon does carry some advantages, not least of which if the positive knock-on effects it is having on our bank balances, in a phenomenon aptly known as the ‘Latte Factor’ (small spendings which amount to a significant overall outlay.)

Given the perspective to appreciate just how much we were probably spending on take away coffee, now is an opportunity, if nothing else, to implement some marginally better coffee-drinking habits. Ones that we can carry forward, out of lockdown...and beyond.

Luckily, brewing your own coffee has never been easier, and is arguably more economical than expensive coffee shop drinks. Getting into this habit now, means there is every chance of maintaining the make-your-own momentum once normal life resumes.

For those looking to make their first foray into home brewing, Spiffing Coffee might just be the perfect starting point.

With six flavours including the best-selling ‘Chin-Wag’, along with a Swiss-Water Decaffeinated coffee from Latin America, Spiffing Coffee has an option for every taste and preference, including wholebean varieties.

Simply add the desired amount of your chosen coffee to a cafetiere, wait a few minutes, then plunge to begin savouring that 'first sip bliss' which is arguably THE best prep for the daily grind, just as much as it is the great unwind! #andrelax

Sponsored by Spiffing Coffee

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