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'If things aren’t going right...go left!'

For most of us, it’s safe to say we’ve already taken a sharp detour from our normal lives, and are probably now navigating that unfamiliar territory that some would call ‘left.’ It’s an unsettling and uncomfortable route to be taking, but like all of the best paths less traveled, there’s scope along this route to stumble upon something awe inspiring… maybe even life changing.

New places, new ideas, different perspectives, new people, new ways of doing the same thing…but better.

All these small discoveries are changing the way we are living day-to-day. From the way we are exercising, cooking and shopping, to the fundamentals of how we’re working, communicating and taking care of ourselves.

You could call it a ‘lifestyle evolution’ - one which is calling into question all the ‘things’ we thought we couldn’t live without, and all those we assumed we could.

It turns out, we’re a lot more resilient and adaptable - and need a lot less - than we thought.

All these small everyday steps in the ‘left’ direction might seem mundane and inconvenient right now, but ultimately... what’s to say this track we’re on isn’t ultimately going to become so entrenched, that we’ll wonder whether ‘right’ was ever actually right at all?

We might still be a long way from being out of the woods, but in the interests of clocking up the positives… there is some comfort to be derived from the idea that off the beaten track, might ultimately be the track to be beat!

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