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Psyched for summer... in the Costa del Home!

Holidays might be off the cards, but chances are most of us will be planning on making up for it the only way we can... by utilising our gardens, and our powers of imagination.

If you lie down and close your eyes, with the sun beating down, the Costa del Home could almost be a sun drenched beach a million miles away (almost!)

The only problem is, as we while away the lockdown days, flitting between work and ‘beach’ mode, it’s all too easy to forget the protocols of the latter! First and foremost... SUNSCREEN.

How many of us have slipped out into the garden with our coffee and laptop, only for the golden rules of sun exposure to get buried beneath the email backlog?

This is why, as we look ahead to a ‘summer holiday’ at home, we need to prepare as though it were for any other long haul trip (which of course it is!).

First on the ‘to pack list’? Purles cream-base sunscreen! This ultra-light, velvety formula provides subtle brightening, multidimensional care and premium skin protection against UV rays, whilst also helping to soothe irritation, reduce redness and ensure intensive and long-lasting moisturisation, thanks to the addition of Caesalpinia Spinosa extract.

For those mixing work with a spot of garden pleasure, Purles Protective Mist is the perfect choice for applying over makeup. Simply spray over your face five minutes before heading outside for extra confidence that your skin is protected, and your mascara still intact (great if you’re heading onto a conference call!)

The Costa del Home might not be the getaway that most of us had hoped for this year, but there’s a lot to be said for tapping into the ‘holiday mode’ mindset, using the everyday rituals we associate with being in sunnier climes, as a way of mitigating some of the loss we might be feeling.

This in mind, why not pack up the ‘beach bag’, slather on the SPF and make like you're in the Med, in your head? It might not be the holiday of a lifetime, granted, but given the potential for some deeper learnings off the back of this experience, there is a slim chance that in its own way... it might just be.

Sponsored by Purles UK

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